Homemaker program

The Cole Manor homemakers are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to offer individuals help with bathing and other nonmedical personal care needs. They also offer home support, which includes light housekeeping, meal preparation and errands.

Services include:

  • Light cleaning—vacuuming, dishes, laundry, trash removal.
  • Errands—grocery and general shopping, prescription and mail pick up, and banking.
  • Respite—basic care in absence of normal caregiver.
  • Menu planning.
  • Food preparation.
  • Prescription refill coordination.
  • Home safety assistance.
  • Personal care.
  • Ambulatory assistance.

Our staff is required to undergo a health screening, criminal background check, child abuse clearance, elder abuse clearance and complete competency training before beginning employment with us. For more information on licensing requirements and agency compliance, please call:

Department of Health Hotline: 800.254.5164
Potter County Area Office on Aging Ombudsman: 814.544.7315
Toll-free: 800.800.2560

Frequently asked questions

How can you reassure my loved one about having a stranger in his or her home?

We will never send a stranger into your loved one's home. All homemakers are introduced by the coordinator or by the previous homemaker.

What types of household jobs will the homemaker do?

They perform light housekeeping duties only. They cannot help move heavy furniture, climb ladders, shovel snow or make home repairs.

Can my homemaker take me to run errands?

Homemakers can accompany clients on shopping and doctor visits when using public transportation, but they aren't allowed to drive clients' cars or transport clients in their car. They can do shopping and errands for you.

Consumer rights and protections

To be involved in the service planning process and to receive services with reasonable accommodation of individual needs and preferences, except where the health and safety of the direct care worker is at risk.

To receive at least 10 calendar days' advance written notice of the intent of the home care agency or home care registry to terminate services. Less than 10 days' advance written notice may be provided in the event the consumer has failed to pay for services, despite notice, and the consumer is more than 14 days in arrears, or if the health and welfare of the direct care worker is at risk.

Prohibitions: No individuals affiliated with a home care agency or home care registry may assume power of attorney or guardianship over a consumer utilizing the services of that home care registry or may require a consumer to endorse checks over to the home care agency or home care registry.

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