Home health care

UPMC Cole's home health program provides high quality health care to patients returning home to recover from a medical condition or illness. Our goal is to make our patients' care transition as seamless as possible by keeping patients connected to their health care provider, making sure they feel confident in the quality and continuity of care they receive, and keeping discharge instructions as simple and clear as possible. We provide our patients with a comprehensive, cost-effective, quality-oriented approach to home care.

Benefits of home care

  • Physicians find many patients recover sooner and more comfortably in the familiar surroundings of their home than they do in a hospital.
  • Home care helps reduce medical costs without loss of quality.
  • Patients tend to stay involved in their care and to feel more independent at home.
  • Home care gives you the opportunity to be reunited with your family in familiar surroundings and still receive the care you need.
  • Home care treatment plans are tailored to fit your individual lifestyle.

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Home health care
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