Aquatic therapy

There are many benefits to aquatic based physical therapy that cannot be achieved through conventional land based physical therapy. The buoyancy of the water allows for less stress on the joints. In water, between shoulder and neck height, your body weight can be supported up to 90 percent. People that cannot tolerate exercise on land can often tolerate aquatic exercise because of this reduction in joint stress.

The pool is not just for people experiencing pain, it allows for quicker recovery after surgery too. Weight bearing on legs can often be tolerated faster in the pool, and surgical conditions that do not allow for active movement afterwards can be treated using the buoyancy of the water as assistance.

When considering an aquatic approach to rehabilitation make sure to consider:

  • The service we offer is for rehabilitation only—it is not for continuous management of chronic conditions.
  • Aquatic therapy is meant as a bridge to an eventual land based exercise program. There are many other uses for the pool.

If you think you can benefit from aquatic rehabilitation, or know of someone who would benefit, please speak with your doctor and ask for a referral to rehabilitation services for aquatic therapy.

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